Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cedar Bench - Bentwood lamination

Bentwood cedar bench 2' x 8' - slats made from CVG cedar landscape bender boards; Brass base pedestals and tabletop / fire-pit cover made by Eric Canon Metals, a metal sculptor also of Forest Grove, OR. I had fun bending the 64 off the shelf 10' long cedar bender boards around an 8' radius form. Exterior white glue -Titebond II works just fine and is easy clean-up, but the process involves dozens of clamps and many set-up clamping sessions. Getting quality clear vertical grain material is key as is the case with any bentwood project, as well as lots of project patience. The finish is Linseed oil and turpentine - several coats. It's been a year since, so it's probably time for another coat. I like how the brass is weathering too.

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