Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Honduran Mahogany Table

Here is a Honduran Mahogany tabletop with my fierce concentric wave carved edge. I'm afraid the ponderosa pine peeler core leg does it little justice and pales in comparison.

White Oak Table

Here is an Oregon white oak table with a strong clean leg detail. With tables I like to announce how leg design should never go unnoticed, and of course I can't help but do things a bit unusual. The edge detailing speaks boldly for itself.

Oregon White Oak Table

This is a pair of bookmatched 4" thick slab of local Oregon white oak placed on a trestle leg system. It was rather green when built, and the wood has shrunken quite a bit. Our butterflies really do the job of holding it together. It weighs a ton, and when you sit at it feeling its solid density, it is a very grounding experience. This is an oil-based satin polyurathane finish.