Friday, April 28, 2017

Forest Grove Library _Columns

This is me after installing these wavy wood columns.  The Friends of the Forest Grove Library commissioned me to wrap their plain looking columns with local woods. There are 4 of these columns wrapped with local Forest Grove, OR hardwoods. - Walnut, Cherry, White Oak, and Locust. I thought it was poetic and appropriate to use some of the lumber from a white oak tree that blew down in a windstorm right across downtown F.G. Main St. in 2010.  Other pieces came from Rodgers Park tree falls.
  This project was an integral part of a larger art installation designed by local glass artist Ed Carpenter. I was honored to be asked to be an integral third part of this collaboration with Ed and Eric Canon, who built the textured metal base/feet.  You can see Ed's dichroic colored glass pieces shooting up and out into the sunlit skylight. All together he titled the project "Molly's Garden" - after his mother who was a librarian there years ago.  Indeed, with the sunlight streams down Ed's colored glass conduit into my wooden chalice, the energy is then carried down through Greg's wavy woods, to be held fast by Eric's steel boots - firmly defining our Library's centrum. Come by anytime, feel the energy !  and check out a good book.

Black Walnut Credenza

Here's a Black walnut credenza with lateral files incl. locks from each end.  The faces are local Oregon black walnut and the drawer pulls I made from a bright red wood- C.American bloodwood.  It has an Oil finish.