Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Nested Trio

These are black walnut lathe turned, hand shaped legs. The many woods of the top inlaid designs are 1/4" thick. They depict my local Oregon Williamette valley - three views- the mountains, the city and the beach. I did this many years ago, but I'm showing it here because I had someone last week ask about it. I'm not sure I could still pull it all off today. I'm rusty on the lathe lately, and getting more lazy with such hand work, but I'd love to find an excuse to get back to it. This set was in a Renwick Gallery traveling USA show. My aunt Barb immediately snapped it up and now I think cousin Randy in New England has it.

Iroko Sideboard Table

This is Iroko wood, which is a very dense and weather sturdy African wood. It is a great exterior wood and is often used in boatbuilding. I band sawed a curve in the top surface for fun and also when it gets wet on the back deck moisture and shrinkage issues are minimal. Through tenon mortices make it for a very strong workbench table. 16" x 36" x 32" ht. - I like Sam Maloof's simple oil mix finish recipe - linseed oil & turpentine etc.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Library cabinets and bookshelves

Here's a corner of a large residential library. There's a whole lot more to it, but this shows a detail of the classical concept.